Defeating "Russophobia" - A chat with SirRidealot and Redbeard

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  • ikki6567 reply Thanks to Coffee for an excellent interview; interesting questions and fascinating observations by SirRidealot ( Alex is a fellow is would be wise to pay close attention to ). Two things: 1) the Russian's I have known are, in general, not the types to gush or greet you with a shit-eating grin; more "deadpan" and dry sense of humor. Not saying they lack warmth, just that they interact differently than "regular" Anglo-American's. 2) As to why the "Russiaphobia" is being pushed, you should look up Halford Mackinder ( 1861-1947 ) and his "Heartland Theory", which has been a cornerstone of English/American elite geopolitical strategy for over 100 years. I maintain that cordial relations would be a win-win situation for *the people* of USA and Russia, but the globalists have the exact opposite perspective. Again, kudos to Coffee for a great video.
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