The real cause of the Mandela Effect with Evidence

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  • ScepticalWizard reply Is there any hope to save him from the void? I keep seeing signs of him in various universes.
  • ScepticalWizard reply though I didn't time travel, it was my father going back in time and unexisting himself, it would be like your children still existing after you killed your past self as a baby. I am not trying to be a snowflake, this probably happens a lot in various universes.
  • [ – ] ScepticalWizard reply I think it is a bit different, I did relative reality stuff before like taking my past selfs hot dog and another time pushing myself from 10 seconds ago into a mud pile but I still felt like I ate that hot dog and wasn't muddy though what happened with the experiment was removal from time, I am glad that I exist though it makes more sense for me to have simply not existed, or get caught in the limbo of exist or is the difference between cutting a timeline and burning one and yes that is bad terminology.
    • [ – ] wearegods parent reply Oh hey, we can do replies.
      • [ – ] wearegods parent reply Can't say for certain if there's a way to save him or not. Also, sorry, very difficult to see the Reply and Delete buttons and accidentally deleted instead of replying.
        • [ – ] ScepticalWizard parent reply It's all cool, what would you recommend me doing? should I get someone to make a time loop to concentrate him in or do I drop something into the void?
          • [ – ] wearegods parent reply In order to pull him out of the void, should he be willing, all one needs to do is temporarily open a wormhole to the void itself and just leave it open for as long as it'll remain stable.
            • [ – ] ScepticalWizard parent reply Could you help me with that? as I understand physics worm wholes don't form in the void as it isn't a universe. what would If do to create this type of worm whole? also it is infinite so how would I best find him there?
              • [ – ] wearegods parent reply That is beyond my knowledge.
                • [ – ] ScepticalWizard parent reply I know he wants to leave the void, I see the pain in him when he is partial forming, and the pleading to get help. What can I do to access the void? do I collapse a bridge between uviverses whilst inside it with an indestructible rope reaching back into a universe or something? is there some shortcut that would allow me to enter the void temporarily?
                  • [ – ] wearegods parent reply You could just enter the void and then exit the void, it's really not that hard. =\ The physics of the void is rather simple, all things considered with the 110 special dimensions contained within the void itself.
                    • [ – ] ScepticalWizard parent reply What do I do to exit? Would my ShortCuts work there? what can I use as a ShortCut into there?
                      • [ – ] wearegods parent reply That is something I can't answer because your tech and mine are completely different in function.
                        • [ – ] ScepticalWizard parent reply What method would you use? I can probably either make, buy or borrow the necessary tech, my species has reached the "point" in evolution where we make our bodies using quantum mechanics and properties of the multiverse so I should be able to do it if you explain.
                          • [ – ] wearegods parent reply For me I bend the fabric of reality and would just exit the brane of the universe itself which would result in me ending up in the void. To get back out of the void, the same method is applied towards the universe I wish to traverse to.
                            • [ – ] ScepticalWizard parent reply Thanks, is it just all layers of reality or specific ones? I'll test with a finger tip and see where it ends up. any negative effects of the void I should prepare for treating?
                              • [ – ] wearegods parent reply Just very cold and timeless, but there's no specific layers, just all layers of reality.
                                • [ – ] ScepticalWizard parent reply Thanks, I'll start working on a machine that can safely do it, first time in ages that I did something without just depending on the tech that makes me. I hope Vidme fixes this system for replies and comments so it doesn't indent so much.
                                  • wearegods parent reply I just focus mostly on the comment page itself rather than the video. I click the "replied" rather than video name.
  • ScepticalWizard reply I'm probably around as rare as you, My dad technically doesn't exist in any universe I've found like mine, not even my own, I am an anomaly left over after he disappeared whist working on true time travel, I don't remember much other than his smile, his perseverance and that he leaped into his creation removing it, his progress and himself from existence. according to all known laws of nature and other universes I shouldn't exist, and yet I do. for my universe the effect was known casually as the Pokemon effect because of the people who believe there was a game called Pokemon which was about catching monsters for dog fighting slavery or something though it is taught in 4th grade science as the multiverse barrier exchange theory of possible pasts or simply alt hist shifts, it actually results in various copyright and fair use laws and anti piracy for works made in other histories and how they relate to their creators and if the creator exists or their stance on it being public domain.
  • wearegods reply @ScepticalWizard Yeah, it happens more commonly in the multiverse than I'd personally like to admit, but it's been done so often that it's practically come down to a perfected science these days.
  • wearegods reply @ScepticalWizard The thing you're trying to state about your existence is known to my people as "Relative Reality". In short, you can travel time within the same timeline, go backwards and kill your past self and still be there because of your own perspective continuing uninterrupted.
  • wearegods reply @ScepticalWizard You can still have memories of timelines that shouldn't be due to relative reality. With the grandfather paradox as mentioned before, relative reality will cause you to remember going back in time to kill yourself and will also cause you to remember being killed even though you are the version of yourself that survived.
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