Can't Let This Hold Us Back | Vlog 02

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  • MrJoelDee reply Try not to stress over things man. I honestly thought the video was really good. Learning takes time, just no way around it. I started trying to learn Premiere Pro and After Effects simply because I wanted to become familiar with as many different softwares as I could, but having used iMovie for many past videos, I eventually went with Final Cut Pro X because it incorporated so many things I was already familiar with in iMovie but had a ton of other features too. I still have a lot to learn with it. Don't stress either about special effects and transitions either. While yes, I like to see them and have used them myself, more than anything, I just like the plain old, real life kinda video. I think sometimes people can go overboard with special stuff, trying to have the next big viral video. Not saying at all that that's you, just saying I've had to make myself keep things simple in the past and found out that when I did that, it was a much more enjoyable video to make. Bottom line, just...more my opinion, learn whatever software you think is best for you and easiest to work with and just enjoy what you create. Everyone's going to have an opinion, good and bad, the main thing is that you enjoyed what you created and you're happy with and proud of what you created. That's all that really matters. I look forward to more of your content.
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