WTF Vidme new policy and Future of the Channel

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  • [ – ] myordinaryart reply I don't know really if it is a lot of memory or not. It seems a lot to me.
    • MetalSoulStorm parent reply It depends on the video like my Slime Rancher videos are about 2.3GB on average. Sudeki videos are about 1.50GB. and Mass Effect Andromeda is about 4.00GB and i use compression software on all my video as well, otherwise my Slime Rancher would be 8.00Gb a video, Sudeki would be 5.00GB a video and Mass Effect Andromeda would be 12GB a video if i didn't use compression software to reduce the file size. I usually upload at 1080P 60FPS for all of my Let Plays, but i upload my Vlog and other videos at 1080P 30fps to help reduce the file size, but it still would not be enough. Vidme 50GB storage limit is very little storage space considering with just 20 videos on my Channel now i'm already just under the 50GB storage limit and i had just remove about 100ish video earlier today. If it were 50GB storage a week or 50GB storage a month i could find a workaround, but 50GB maximum storage is just not enough space for me to work with. I would have to remove my old videos every 2 weeks and it w...moreould add more work for me to do when i'm already recording/editing/rendering/even grinding in certain games to weed out repetitive/boring bit in my videos and creating custom thumbnails for every video with titles that are relevant and are not clickbait or misleading to my Followers, and would have no Library of videos on my channel for my Followers and newcomers to watch and enjoy. I also wanted to branch out on my Channel and do Anime/Manga critique as well as other stuff. This 50GB Storage limit by Vidme has blindsided us content creators here on Vidme pretty hard, i understand that Vidme is not Youtube, but 50GB maximum storage is just to little to work with, only Vlog would be able to survive with such little storage space like this video for example is only 700MB compared to my other videos. Sorry for the long-winded response myordinaryart.
  • MetalSoulStorm reply Like i said in the video i'm going with the wait and see approach with Vidme, so i decided might do a vlog every now and again on the channel to keep in touch with you guys, so stick around on the channel, and see what happening with the me and with Vidme.
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