EPIC PRANK! Elsa and Jake Paul Unbox A Fidget Spinner, Bro!

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  • Thammuz reply Nick, dude, your channel is more like Razörfist's, in that it's a niche audience that likes your perspective, your humour, and your lack of fucks to give. You need to account for that when looking at your growth. You'll get there eventually, Razor just got to 100K and it took him 8 years to get there. You have a peculiar political position, and a very dark outlook on things, you can't expect to be super popular overnight, but hey, some fans is better than no fans.
  • coon_my_dude reply That thumbnail though. I mean if you went with it in the YT version it`d not be monetized (I got an ad)
  • [ – ] MagasorousRex reply What else are you interested in besides political commodities? I'm a retired gunsmith, I like your bent style entertainment. What else you got bro, you a one trick pony
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