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  • ironrope reply another attack in the name of islam. DISGUSTING RELIGION AND DISGUSTING PEOPLE. NO MORE.
  • jaydea86 reply Well this vid was the final nail for me, I Tried to watch it on YouTube, but they took it down, FUCK YOU YouTube, and now you can add one more follower in vidme.
  • lbochtler reply Looks like another peaceful attack by a truck of peace. say in satirical voice: "Nothing to see here folks"
  • [ – ] Platypus67 reply I just can't help myself my hatred on muslims is steadily growing. These sick bastards need to be put down. I normally don't write stuff like that and try to keep my calm - but sometimes it's just too much...
    • [ – ] GSP-4ME parent reply It's the doctrine of Islam that needs to be discredited, and rejected.
      • [ – ] Platypus67 parent reply Yes, you're absolutely right; a lot of muslims are brainwashed since their earliest childhood. I read the qur'an and this piece of crap of a book is pure poison.
        • [ – ] GSP-4ME parent reply Agreed, I don't even consider it a religion. It was a manipulation employed by a warlord. That simple.
          • [ – ] Platypus67 parent reply Yes, you're exactly right; it's a wannabe-world domination ideology and the 'religious' part was added only to bind/chain people to the cause, and probably to legitimate the shit cult! 90% of it was stolen from the bible and other contemporary religions. This piece of vile shit muhammed was a murderer, a street robber and a pedophile! Also he was illiterate and had his rich wife convice him his experience in the cave was not a tshinn/demon but 'god'... So he was nothing but a blood thirsty, money hungry, lying piece of human toxic waste - and muslims consider THIS as the pinnacle of human existence. That's just sickening!
  • either_or reply Well that didnt take long for gulagtube to remove.
  • [ – ] TiberiusDuraga reply Seriously, WTF's going on?
    • either_or parent reply -look into it, islamic car attacks have been going on in europe for years. They're just getting better at it, and it's getting increasingly harder for the msm to downplay/suppress.
  • jed1984 reply Muslim bastards
  • MissDaintyFawn reply 'Most Muslims aren't terrorists!' 'That's correct!' 'Most ethno nationalists aren't nazis!' 'We got a nazi sympathiser over hear, mace him!' No hypocrisy detected what so ever... 🙄
  • old-school reply lets have open borders they sead.....it'll be fine they sead...
  • rxantos reply Let me guess, a car or truck of peace.
  • SirAdamantine reply No doubt the media will spend just as much time examining the hateful ideology that caused this as they did with Charolletesville.
  • Leadhead reply It must be Trump's fault, what do you think??
  • [ – ] AceAcer2 reply Could it be a simulation event to evaluate the emergency services efficiency? I hope it is because if it's a legit event i wonder why the medias aren't talking about it now, they usually jump on that kind of events for views and ratings.
    • AceAcer2 parent reply Correction : it's a legit event unfortunately - a truck rammed a crowded area in Barcelona - the news are just starting to report it here in Canada. It's still unknown if the driver was a mulsim according to the Canadian Consul at Barcelona the driver's name is Driss Oukabir and is suspected to have links with ISIS. The # of deaths is inconsistent - That's all the news they reported so far here.
  • RealRaven2000 reply That video was terrible - and invisible on YouTube.
  • RealRaven2000 reply That was terrible. And invisible on YouTube.
  • Gta_Vigo reply And that's the reason to rape the honor of this people.. For a major pourpose.. What a shame.
  • [ – ] Gta_Vigo reply Who do you think you are filming those people in their darkest hour??, you're a VERY bad person, getting the next level of disrespect.
    • whyte_rabbit parent reply Ordinarily I'd agree, but in the light of extensive media censorship of events like this, the circulation of this footage is an important addition to the narrative. MSM will broadcast footage of every other sort of traumatic incident worldwide (dead/dying Syrian children for example) but avoids showing victims of terror attacks on home soil. Mustn't have people empathising with their own kind, can we....
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