Cars 3 Was Actually Somehow Good

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  • [ – ] roachsoap72 reply I'm looking forward to seeing this movie, not only because its part of the cars franchise, but because it is going to be my 5 yo sons first cinema experience, and the first movie was the first movie he ever asked to watch over and over again, he has had great fun collecting the cars toys, this is to him what starwars was to me, and I'm excited to share that with him
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply That intro was gold! I've heard from a few other sources that is a pretty decent movie, but your reviews are the most honest--I trust your judgement over most other review shows! "Driven" I got it!
  • [ – ] lambdog76 reply i didnt bother to see it, after cars 2 and planes, just not feeling it.
    • [ – ] FrameByFrame parent reply I honestly thought the same way before I saw the film for myself. Still can't believe CARS 3 was more layered in both narrative and character development than I thought it would walking in. Honestly, I'd say check it out, or at least wait until the Blu Ray release. It isn't perfect, but a matinee would be suitable, IMO.
      • lambdog76 parent reply I will catch a Mainee this weekend, last movie I saw was the mummy so I wasn't ready for another bad movie just yet. lol Appreciate you posting this review.
  • CJwoodruff reply Was a dope movie IMO... I saw a negative review on it here on Vidme but I personally wAs all about it
  • [ – ] Ms_K reply thx for the review!
  • Fighting_Zenith reply It looks like that John Lasseter has finally listened to many of the critics. However, despite being a gearhead, this film series doesn't appeal to me, and here's a review of the first Cars that summarizes my opinion:
  • FrameByFrame reply What do you all think of the new style? Let me know down in the comments!
  • [ – ] palvarezcruz reply Can I watch it without watching the second one or is there anything I won't understand?
    • [ – ] palvarezcruz parent reply Okay nevermind I just watched it. Apparently Doc died of old age in Cars 2. That's about everything that you need to know. It was okay, not satisfying though, and it had kind of a bullshit ending but well can't expect much from Pixar. My main issue is that it's not serious enough for adults nor lighthearted enough for kids. It's a bad middle point without a good balance. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
      • [ – ] FrameByFrame parent reply I mean, it isn't perfect or anything, but considering Cars 2 was a MASSIVE failure on almost every level, it was just really refreshing to see a film that took its time and developed the story and characters, when this movie could've just been made to sell toys.
        • palvarezcruz parent reply I didn't watch Cars 2 so I didn't have that point of reference. Though I certainly heard about how bad it was, my bad. Definitely the movie was really good when you compare it to a massive failure, but that's not how I want to measure quality. I was looking at it as a sequel to Cars and as a standalone. Even so, you're right, it's also important to include both points of view. As a standalone and as part of its trilogy. After reading your comment I would recommend it to people who love the franchise. I don't see much for others. Thanks for the exchange, man!
  • juanesmit02 reply Nice to know its more like the 1st one than the 2nd one, that alone is good news.
  • [ – ] basic_goku reply Where can a I pirate this shit my dude?
  • Cellblock776 reply I haven't seen any of the Cars movies but I heard lots of people talking about how bad part 2 was. I also heard that the wrecker truck character, Mater, was grating on peoples nerves and becoming the Jar Jar of the series and that they cut down his role in this one to address that. .
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