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  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply Hi there!! I love your channel! You take the time and dedication to your work and the quality shines through!! I'm a Boston kid, myself...but if you ever need a voice actor, hit me up!
  • [ – ] jarredjackson reply Yo, what-up AJ and Blake. Cool channel! I'm down to provide background music to various scenes according to the vibe. Hit me up! Oh added bonus.. I'm in LA so depending on what you're filming, I might be down to act some roles too.
    • [ – ] Fractoid_Films parent reply Sounds rad man! What's your favorite riff/ vid on your channel? I'll definitely check it out and let's see what we can make!
      • jarredjackson parent reply Hahah. No I don't have a favorite. They are all really cool, and different. Just a bunch of stray riffs and ideas executed well. I suppose they all could be used in certain situations, depending of the context of any given scene. They all have a unique vibe. Do you have an idea for a theme or vibe you are looking to expand on? With that information, I'll be able to narrow the process down and find a fit, or I could just create something new. Let me know!
  • [ – ] JimGiant reply Shame you guys live so far away, I'd be down if you wanted help with fight scenes or just lugging around equipment. I've sent a follow your way anyway for what it's worth, you deserve a ton more followers!
  • [ – ] Directionally_Challenged reply I used to live in LA and I would have totally collabed with you dudes.
  • [ – ] MrKnoxious reply Ever need any music, license and copyright free, I could be of assistance. Here's my soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/officialeuphorie
  • [ – ] PowerKegGreg reply Very cool my friends! I live in Dallas but that's great you are reaching out to others!
  • [ – ] WebNoob reply I could send you music. Or memes.
  • [ – ] warren reply I would like to collab!
  • AcetheDolphinGuy reply Maby if someone who isn't in the la area can collab using a green screen, I would love to try doing that someday
  • TidBits reply Sending you a message now :)
  • Azoko reply Hey! Just commenting here if you want an animator for one of your comedy skits. My favorite videos of yours are the Great Responsibility videos. Hit me up if you wish so.
  • WonderfulDraws reply I am an 2D animator and voice actors are always welcome. I am new to vidme but I have 1.8k+ subs on youtube. If you want to do a collab hit me up.
  • John-Goras reply Hey, Fractoid Action-Comedy-Horror. That's MY shit! If you're ever in need of a 2-D animator, don't be shy. Here's a sample. (not to spam or anything, I wouldn't dream of such a thing! lol) https://vid.me/Yyw4 I'm so new to this site, I'm not even monetized yet. Hurry up, Vidme! The cats are getting hungry.(Sounds like an action-horror-black comedy in itself, I know. It IS.) By the by, you submit to Tromadance? It's not scary. Not like submitting to Islam or anything.
  • MFKraven reply I'm down for some collabs. Also- I live in LA @Fractoid_Films
  • SurfersSelfies reply sweet as guys, if ur ever in gold coast would live to do something
  • WestDakota reply Let's make a collab where you actually mention me in your video. <3
  • [ – ] Kinokinda reply Wish I lived in LA :(
  • WalkingForWeightLoss reply You guys appear to be the best filmmakers on Vidme here. I'm amazed at how well your audio and video quality is. I would imagine you guys must be working for a Hollywood company. I am in awe.
  • mechriot reply Good luck dudes, wish we were in the area! :)
  • [ – ] VonHelton reply I'd collab, but I live in the boonies of KY........
  • marlarhouse reply Hey guys, I'm a creator as well... and also a full-time voice artist. Maybe I can do narration for you guys, or do the "movie trailer guy" voice for you! Drop me a message here or through MarlarHouse.com!
  • Will_McDaniel reply If I were anywhere near you guys I'd be all over a collab! Good luck with it!
  • KeiserHTTC reply Hey guys I'm going to support because I'm in the Glasgow area in Scotland lol 😁. I love to edit and produce and I also have a ear 👂 for music and finding the right track I like to use and compliment my content. 😁 I would still love to collaborate in any way and I will continue to offer my support to u guy's. I'm friendly with a big YouTuber in your area aswell @hollowpoiint I will tag him shoot him a message he may be interested. 😁 also if u need video footage like a Scottish commander relaying orders via video link. 😁 it would be fun to get involved.
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