weird medicine theme song by calvin

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  • he_is_not_funny reply lyrics: hey my name is dr steve im a doctor of medicine i will take your breath away to inject epinephrine i will write you a prescription for that rigorous malediction get you back on your feet with microminimal constriction every procedure is risky at best but i'm better than best as i lay them to rest with a clinical test that's double blind as i find in my mind agents that bind the view from behind the radio desk with my pal PA john in studio! dr kay at his side with the chinese medicine we abide from doctor scott and the hot bod of add a dick to me todd i look over and what do i see, the gorgeous voluptuous wife of mine named tasey as i engage the radio switch begin to cast a low energy male caller complains of a brash rash on the dash from paying in cash eating gravy and mash and browns that hash eaten in tennes...moresee a woman caller complaining about thrombosis to the agreement of lady diagnosis we're not your doctors we just care like jefferson the lawyer and gvac, rest in peace somewhere you should consult your doctor, physician, nurse , yoga guru, priest rabbi shaman or druid the fez weatley precursor to every show never take advice from some asshole on the radio so give us a call at double deuce penis or seven five four bare nip in for a trip take a dip on the flip for a medical tip advice we ship we have the balls to not screen the calls we take em live as we jive in our busy lil beehive oxycodone, acidimidiphen, lipitor, citrucel and cialis, we can describe them all stay on the ball when you call like the bladder of your gaul hits a wall if you fall so get up off your butt get some exercise check your stupid tumescent nuts for lumps stay out of the sewage is the truest and remember to drink plenty of fluuuiiiiiiddddddsssss
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