Wednesday Weekly World News - 3rd May 2017

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  • [ – ] WorldRegister reply Great report and good observations. Looking forward to more from your channel.
  • [ – ] PREPVETUK reply Trump - Not a great revelation after all.. Typical Politician, thinks he has good intentions before getting elected, then discovers what powers he really has. I'd rather listen to your News than Mainstream media. Good Round up.
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Too much news is a bad thing. I used to be obsessed with news so much so that it affected my behavior and mood swings. Believe it or not, your channel here on Vidme is now the only form of news media that I watch, I don't even read newspapers. Thanks for keeping me informed on how this crazy world keeps on turning, but there is glimpses of hope.
    • [ – ] geordieprepper parent reply Thank you man, that means a lot and I'll endeavour to make these news video's even better now. I am actually thinking of doing this at least twice or thrice per week. It's turning out to be my most viewed video's and fits in with my schedule better right now, let me know what you think?
      • [ – ] JustABloke parent reply To be honest, it's your other videos that really deserves the most attention. Being prepared to bad things that WILL happen is something we just turn a blind eye to. I am sure I am not the only one that thinks this way. I know this, I live in Wellington NZ, and we have earthquakes every day. People here expect the big 1 and we don't care anymore.
        • geordieprepper parent reply Thanks, I'll have to find a balance then. Still finding my way to be honest but valued feedback like this really helps! Be safe man.
  • [ – ] Blue_Rayner reply nice video, I'd rather listen to your News than Mainstream media. Good Round up. Thank you.
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