i'm done. (quitting youtube?)

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  • [ – ] TechyFarm reply Vidme feels more like family gathering;)
    • [ – ] TypedScroll parent reply Wont stay like that for long.
      • [ – ] BenjiJames parent reply As much as i enjoy it here, i agree with @TypedScroll. Especially because much bigger YouTubers have started promoting Vidme, telling people to come here to upload content. I'm surprised bigger creators haven't started giving mass shoutouts to smaller creators so that they CAN actually make a difference. If everyone's big, that'd definitely make a difference lol
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply All I want to say, stay motivated. You're a content creator, that alone is amazing, and this is what vidme is all about. Cripes I sound like I work for vidme, but no, I'm just stating an obvious observation :)
  • subreal reply Though it might seem bleak, there's really no reason for you to be bummed out. Just give your best and it'll all pan out in the end...
  • FragHero reply I left youtube too. I was making 3500$/month and this month I have 54$ so far :)) this is hilarious.
  • [ – ] UnauthorizedExpression reply Am I allowed to be rude? I really want to say something mean here. lol
  • ChrissRE reply YouTube wants those big news companies but those news companies cant get that they will never do what independent people do. Speak their own opinions.
  • [ – ] MovieVigilante reply I think the word you mean to use is "monetization" and not "monotination" which would suggest monotony.
  • veteranmountianman reply Well I am doing a combination of youtube, vidme, and patreon
  • harjar reply Looking forward to you videos here on Vidme!
  • [ – ] zoldos reply I quit Youtube months ago due to the enormous amount of arrogance, hatred, and ignorance.
  • Licensecart reply aww :( welcome to Vid.me :) and I'm now following :D
  • [ – ] BenjiJames reply All i'll say from myself is; keep hold of your enthusiasm to create content whenever you can :) Don't let this situation discourage you from being able to continuing doing what you might enjoy doing more than anything else. I've been doing YouTube for 4+ years now. i've accumulated 1400+ subs & about 322k views on my channel in total. I've been on Vidme since December of last year. I've accumulated 29 followers and 1,263 views in total. The internet is a brutal place, with people always changing their likes and dislikes. The media will never be able to control human behaviour. Sites like Vidme are a great way to retain hope among the masses, because they visually show that they give a shit :) All you have to do, is continue doing what you love and maybe, one day, things will turn around for you. Whether it's hear at Vidme, or over on YouTube, people can see passion a mile away. Just retain your hope
  • [ – ] MysticSword reply I ran a channel on YouTube for a few years, but it's become more and more restrictive and overall BS there. I'm still fairly new to VidMe, but it feels a lot more welcoming, friendly and appreciative of the content Creators. It now feels like my "new home". :) Anyways, good luck with your endevours and best wishes. Cheers!
  • IgnisCobra reply My birthday is also in April happy birthday im new to your vidme keep up the good work
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