The DNC Fraud Law Suit

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  • frankblackcrow reply Hey,, bullshitman,, watch out for linking YT video,, think abut what would happen if YT get's to think your channel needs to be gone,, so will any linked video that uses the YT player,, buyer beware on YT.
  • frankblackcrow reply An then chunky yoghurt shows his head and blabbers on,, I have to turn off my brain to filter in the crap he spews, when someone answers their own dialogue with,, yes as to affirm their right, you have to ask the question,, who writes his dialogue, probably the rat face girl who hates other woman because no other woman would want to think like she does about the freedom to vote for who they want to,, that rat face would call other woman names as if they were below her as a woman , makes me gag with bit's of carrot floating towards my tongue.
  • frankblackcrow reply Any time I see the rat face girl I go into automatic vomit response mode. Q, Is that just happening to me,, that I get the feeling of having no sexuality towards her as a woman, and I sometimes think ugly woman are hot,, for their own reasons,, and that the paper bag can be used..but she doesn't even fire up that response in me.
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