Anime Truth #4b: The Meaning of Subversion in Modern Anime (2017 version)

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  • BANANMANX47 reply usually don't care for for commenting and upvote stuff but the idea of a snob king as a ruler is lovely.
  • [ – ] Shionkenobi reply Who is the guy with the beard? His channel, I mean...
  • OmegaEXE reply You can tell the difference in this video between a modern anime fan and someone with common sense
  • KaiserTrigger reply I don't disagree with Zeon on this. But literally, he seems like a worshiper of Digibro. Like, you'd find a fucking body pillow of that one vampire loli from Monogatari sitting under his bed.
  • SmugStick reply Fantastic video lol
  • volbroored reply hail zeon deserve more sub than chibi. He able call bs on something. Chibi on the other hand hype everything up and praise is it a masterpiece regardless of it writing. This freaking guy chibi say everything is good. Not all anime is equal. This is why I'm not a anime fan always hyping thing up. Screw this generation.
  • Gaagle reply there's a saying that it's okay to like DBSuper but it's not okay to defend it.
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