10 Things People HATE About The NINTENDO SWITCH

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  • Morning_Link reply They might release Virtual Console soon though
  • [ – ] Wolfer reply Yeah i miss the virtual console, but I'm hoping it will be an awesome when it releases on the switch
    • [ – ] SkepticalCaveman parent reply The price is not too high. It's portable and much more compact than a PS4 or a Xbone which makes it cost more. It also has a screen and a battery they are not cheap. The Switch is extremely powerful for it's size, if it was more powerful the battery wouldn't last long. There is no free lunch the Switch is an excellent compromise between portability, power and price.
  • Redo3169 reply You missed paid online
  • MrATAndreiThomas reply I personally don't hate the Nintendo switch, I think its a fantastic hybrid console however, Nintendo needs to add a soft fabric material inside the dock to prevent the LCD Screen from Scratching. I'm not getting the Nintendo switch until November this year before black Friday that is my own dead line.
  • Grapevine reply ((1)) I don't get why people are complaining about the launch titles. Breath of the Wild, Shovel Knight, Fast RMX, and Snipperclips are all fantastic games, just to name a few. Sure, it's not quite at the level of PS4 or Xbox One's respective launches, but quality is better than quantity, and these titles are fantastic, with more to come this month. ((2)) If you don't like physical boxes, just, I don't know, buy virtual? ((3)) I don't see how Nintendo could've been more clear than "put plus by plus, put minus by minus". ((4)) The Switch has an incredible amount of hardware packed in, and while I think that it should come with 1-2-Switch, I don't think price is an issue here. You're paying the same price as a PS4 for near-PS4 performance portably, I'd pay $400 for that if it came with a game. ((5)) Speaking of near-PS4 performance, the Switch looks incredible in tablet mode (though it's obviously lacking on TV). What do you mean "720p isn't cutting it anymore"? It's at 900p on TV. ((6))...more I don't see any evidence listed that Nintendo is unprofessional with customer service. All you said was that Nintendo said that dead pixels are characteristic of LCD screens. While they did, I haven't heard of a single case where someone couldn't return their Switch to the seller (Best Buy, Gamestop, etc) and get a full replacement. ((7)) There are legitimate complaints about the Switch, but it seems like you're grasping at straws here, and I don't see why you couldn't have just titled it "4 Things People HATE About The NINTENDO SWITCH". ((8)) I'm sure someone will say I'm just showing buyer's remorse, but I use this console daily, and I'm not one to love something just because I have it; I bought Yooka-Laylee at launch, and I'm more than happy to call myself an idiot for that. ((9)) I hate having to use these numbers, but AFAIK you can't format on vidme. Hope that gets added soon.
  • maxwaxhax reply Wii U is a great idea they just ran out of game ideas! For God sakes! Hire a puzzle expert and pump out the games you idiots!
  • maxwaxhax reply To be honest, I like the Wii U, they just spent too much time on REMAKES!
  • maxwaxhax reply I'm not buying it yet. I love Zelda but not enough to buy a game system for one game! They need to make games fast because I still see little worth there.
  • TheGreenYoutuber reply fuck those people who hate the switch
  • [ – ] TidBits reply It's ridiculous that you have to pay 90 dollars for that plastic dock...
    • [ – ] Grapevine parent reply Switch owner here, there's basically no reason to buy an extra dock, you can just move it and it takes like 2 extra seconds.
      • [ – ] TidBits parent reply Apparently some people are making better versions by just taking the small part out that actually does all the work, keep an eye out!
        • ShinyBigBoo parent reply I made one of these!! I'll probably feature it in an ipcoming video!! It's gold, has a triforce, and was 3D printed at the library for $6. What a steal!
    • SkepticalCaveman parent reply Look at the link below its a usb-c hub with the same connections as the Switch dock. It's ordinary price is $99. https://www.amazon.com/Anker-Delivery-Charging-Specification-ChromeBook/dp/B018XF4KRC
  • TheGreenYoutuber reply how to downvote videos?
  • ShinyBigBoo reply I love these complaints!! If this is all you got, Nintendo's gonna kick everyone's ass this generation
  • CountLoliDee reply Yeah I'm okay with my wiiu for now..
  • BenjiJames reply Woah... What about how you can't upload gaming footage on YouTube without getting a copyright notification/claim?? Nevertheless, great list, great video. So glad someone finally came out and said it.
  • GeahkBurchill reply I disagree with most of these critiques. Cost is reasonable as far as I'm concerned. Virtual Console is almost certainly coming. Broken consoles are a part of every launch (3-red lights, anyone?) BotW is great and I expect Nintendo will have more games soon.--I DO agree with the docking issues, the idea that 1-2 Switch should have been a pack-in and the charging port being inconvenient. Other than those, it's a great little portable system.
  • [ – ] SuperKrunch reply I don't have a Switch but is the cable port being on the bottom really that bad? Doesn't seem like it would considering that the Vita has the port there as well and it feels more than fine to me.
    • ShinyBigBoo parent reply I have a Switch!! People are seriously overestimating how much time they're going to spend playing the Switch in "tabletop mode," the only mode the placement of the port would become an issue if the battery was dead. The fact that this is the first thing on the list demonstrates that whoever is complaining doesn't actually own one. You'll be playing in handheld/docked mode 99.9% of the time.
    • SuperKrunch parent reply Also the dock scratching the screen reminds me of the problem the launch 3DS had where closing it and opening it over time would scratch the top screen. You would think they would want to avoid any type of blunders like that with future devices.
  • _Royalty reply Follow me because I have a shout out Sunday series on my account so follow me to enter and gave followers.
  • Mantenner reply Gotta say the only thing i'm hating so far is the wobbly joycons when attached to the switch in handheld mode, its pretty annoying.
  • duffy reply lack of virtual console is a dealbreaker
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