Victim of it's Own Success

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  • [ – ] WebNoob reply You seem to just be angry about something that happened to you and now you're trying to rationalise that anger by putting all women in the same slot.
    • [ – ] MGTOWisFreedom parent reply oh theres anger. rationalization is easy, and using logic just confirms things. its not women, its feminists. join their ranks and see if you find happiness
  • [ – ] OralRobots reply Have you seen this one, John? A relationship "expert" is telling women to fuck several men at the same time. She says it demonstrates to men that the woman is "high value" so they'll feel pressured to marry her before another man snatches her up.
    • [ – ] MGTOWisFreedom parent reply I gotta go watch that!!! With youtube and i am never going to be able to respond to comments hahahaa. Im glad i founf the link u put here! Peace brother!
      • OralRobots parent reply It's like the author was watching MGTOW videos and assumed men's thought processes are the same as women's - which, of course, they're not. LOL
  • Insanemad reply Hakuna matata- the cycle of life
  • [ – ] OralRobots reply First!
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