Brazil: Temer Graft Scandal, and Apparent Stock Crash

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  • wolfalexzemla reply Conservatives have been sleepwalking through history while the libtards built liberal tyranny in the schools and msm and woke up to hillary clintard. Now they are building liberal tyranny on social media and the internet and soon you will wake up to a muslim in your bed. And when muslims take a country they tend to have the men castrated and made as slaves. Not nice muslims this day and age, well just wait till shtf. I would not want to be a young man in Sweden.
  • StolenMoment reply Brazil requires a goose-steppin strong free-market police state until the requirements of a libertarian republic [wealth,education] are realized.
  • [ – ] I3UTM reply Two quick things: 1) Brazil is a Portuguese-heavy country and thus has a unique perspective as one the largest countries of a foreign language who has both a 1st World and a 3rd World economy. 2) Africa would be my best bet for future investment as the Chinese, Americans, and the BRICS nations are using certain countries as "testing" grounds for alternative economies (micro-loans, mobile cell-only entertainment, AU / free trade agreements that are better than EU or TPP.)
    • SkogComplex parent reply Yeah, but the Africans doe. Africa will always break your heart.. and your wallet, and into your home, and they're all on cp time. I don't know about Africa, except for ecotourism in the non-urban areas. Africa might actually might be ok outside the cities , in some cases, where there aren't perpetual factional wars.
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