Sustainable Meat, Dairy and Eggs CAN Be Done and CHEAP Too!!!

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  • Derpy_Redneck reply This was originally uploaded to youtube on August 27, 2016 1:54 PM This is a video talking about how we can use free market capitalism, permaculture, education to give people the knowledge and DESIRE to make the change in order to bring up productions and increase efficiency of production based on demand. As Promised, the Chicken Feeding Guide: Chickens can be fed presoaked quinoa, presoaked amaranth, presoaked buckwheat, presoaked millet, chia seeds, grasses, insects, seafood scraps on occasion, vegetable scraps and occasional probiotic fermented vegetables for the lactobacillus, bifidobacterium and leuconostoc genera of probiotic bacteria as well as an additional vitamin k2 source.. This should be considered as their main deitary intake. Occasional doses of supplements like Occasional doses of supplements like Neem(on occasion), Spirulina, Fermented Chlorella, and Gynostemma for the Hens and their Adaptogenic Properties. Avoid feeding Rhubarb, Apple Seeds, Unripe Eggplants, Unr...moreipe Tomatoes, Tomato Leaves, Eggplant Leaves, Raw Dried Beans, Onions, Chocolate, Anything Moldy, Coffee, Tea, Alcohol, Too Much Spinach, Highly Sugared Cereals, Candy, Avocado(skin and pits), Cat Food, Dog Food, Raw Potatoes, White Potatoes in GENERAL, Iceberg Lettuce, Any Citrus, Anything too salty/sweet/fried or ANYTHING that has been sprayed pesticides, herbicides or any chemicals. The ONLY Dairy you can even give them could likely be homemade full fat grass fed yogurt(real easy to make and I'll give a how-to in the future) and kefir since they are low in milk sugars and they are partially digested hence their sour taste... These won't cause diarrhea as easily and they provide decent fats and protien if they are grass fed. These Links are why I said neem only on ocasion: Some extra links
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