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  • 123-Proverb-Monkey reply Thank YOU FATHER ALMIGHTY GOD for JESUS CHRIST,YOUR AMAZING SON and our LORD and Friend! Praise GOD! Increase our love for JESUS,praying and encouraging each other,thank YOU! Praise GOD! Thank YOU FATHER GOD,in JESUS name for the power of YOUR WORD and the name of JESUS! Praise GOD! I loose in JESUS name Break Through and Breaching Angels to smash and obliterate all obstacles that are in the way and hindering YOUR children's missions,assignments and appointments,in JESUS Glorious name! Praise GOD! I call down in JESUS name the HOLY and PURE FIRE of ALMIGHTY FATHER GOD to burn up and clear all wilderness's that have grown to thick for people to move and operate according to YOUR WILL and WORD which is TRULY RIGHTEOUS! Praise GOD! Thank YOU FATHER GOD,in JESUS name for loosing upon all of YOUR children YOUR Heavenly Host to pour on all hearts,minds,souls,lives,bodies,marriages YOUR "OIL of GLADNESS",LIVING WATERS and HOLY SPIRIT to get as all running and jumping to the Holy Tunes of the...more Song from the Heart of JESUS! Praise GOD! I move in JESUS name and Loose the BELT of TRUTH,LORD JESUS CHRIST upon all hearts,minds,families and marriages to tie them at a cellular,atom,molecular level on up to JESUS CHRIST so they can Beat and Live together according to the TRUE-HOLY-PURE-LOVING Heart of JESUS and HIS WILL! Praise GOD! GLORY BE TO JESUS! JESUS Kingdom Come! JESUS Will be done! Praise GOD! If you agree with this prayer say JESUS is LORD out loud! JESUS is LORD! Praise the LORD! Praise GOD!
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