Dose better gear mean better Views?

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  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply Yay the microphone! It sounds so good! That was nice of them to buy for you.
    • [ – ] StefanJenkins parent reply Yer best birthday present ever :) Cant wait to take it outside now. it will reduce the sound of the wind so much :) :). when is the next recipe coming. love your cooking videos :)
      • [ – ] AmandaFood parent reply Oh yes can't wait to hear the outside vlogging with the mic. Ugh I am such a shy person it takes me a little more time to upload a video so this everyday video your doing is very scary for me. Btw I loved your recipe in this!
  • [ – ] InternetUnwind reply I would turn down the gain on the cameras audio just a bit. I noticed that my rode on my canon dslr needs to be a little lower to avoid all the extra noise. Just a tip, your right though. The equipment doesn't make the video. The person does.
  • [ – ] lambdog76 reply Currently working with an iPhone 6S an iPad Pro, a cheap full size tripod, and a smaller multiuse tripod selfie stick combo, I also have a pair of cannon EOS DSLRs, but I don't like how loud and notchy the auto focus is on them, and their internal mics are junk. I could use them for a fixed focal point, but for a travel segment, they are a no go. Gear wise though, it is all about what serves the story, if we can't express what we want to because of equipment limitations either psychologically, or actually. few years ago, for example, I was doing more adventure oriented content, so rugged water resistance was a must. gear short comings such as wind wash or poir focus can take the audience out of the story. As for subject matter, gear is a great subject as people looking to start vlogging typically believe gear is a factor, or are looking to find out where to start, or even experienced vloggers looking to improve or streamline their production, so in that regard yes, gear is better ...moreviews. I watched this video because it was about gear.
    • Jmusic-singerandsongwriter parent reply thats better than my set up lls...just go to show...what you have may be better than the next guy
    • StefanJenkins parent reply Yer mics on the DSLRs are so bad my point and shots mic is so much better! And nice I love that set up the thing is as well everyone has their own style and what works for one person wont work for the other. And 100% its all about the story thanks for watching buddy great comment.
  • [ – ] Jmusic-singerandsongwriter reply aye i see ya again lls...that soundtrack is catchy
  • [ – ] allaj reply Aaaaaaand thanks allaj for the nice chair :) :) :) :) :)
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply Tuna from can = NOPE. Equipment won't solve all problems--grade A equipment will never make up for poor content. So I agree with you that your own dedication will lead to improvements. Good stuff! I have the REALLY low-shelf equipment. I'm saving for a decent camera. I use a dinky little USB mic and a simple web cam. That's it! The rest is just me and my lackluster editing skills. LOL
    • StefanJenkins parent reply Hahaha keep at it the more you edit the more you will find you enjoy it as you learn new stuff and start to see cool things happen :)
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