No Loss Of Time

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  • [ – ] Roolooth reply Strange things can happen to the mind and our senses or sense of time when involved in a trauma or sudden shock to the brain. The impact would have shaken your brain maybe and knocked your normal notion of time out of sync. But just think are there other blimps in time that we don't notice because there is nobody around to tell you time has passed since you got in a car or stopped it outside your home. Have you ever had the experience of driving hundreds of miles but when you get home you can recall next to nothing of the journey unless of course it has been eventful and there has been something significant happen on the highway. I guess we are on auto pilot a lot of the time. As for dying and going to heaven, I was told contradictory things by religious teachers when I was a kid. They told us when you die you go to heaven but a proper reading of the bible will I think reveal that when you die you go into the ground, you see nothing and hear nothing because you are in fact DEAD! It's...more only on the day of judgement that we will be risen from the grave to face the judgement of who gets to heaven and who goes to the other place. So death must be like a state of suspended animation until the time of the day of judgement. Personally I have lost religious belief as all religions claim to be the right one and even among people of the same religion they differ on what is right and sometimes argue over things and of course none of it can be proven, thats why it's called faith. Believing something doesn't make it a fact of reality, but if people are happy being religious and not harming others let them believe what they want. Sorry this was a rather long winded reply.
    • MrJoelDee parent reply I don't mind a lengthy reply at all. I have been driving before and momentarily lost where I was at. I always chalked it up to my mind wandering or getting into deep thought about something, which I shouldn't do while driving, lol, but on those long drives, sometimes it just happens. You definitely brought up something I hadn't considered before. On religion, I consider myself a religious person, though I don't fault people who aren't. There are times even today that I admit I question things as to whether there is an after life, etc. I hope there is. At the same time though, I've had too many things happen in my life, sometimes several things within the same instance, that I just can't write off as being a coinsidence. I'm going to make a video soon as to one such example. Close friends and I have had deep religious discussions before and I love that sort of thing so religious or otherwise man, never worry about a long reply. I love to hear others thoughts and almost always, the conve...morersation gives me simething to think about that I never considered before.
  • [ – ] Y2JayDoesAsia reply A coworker of mine (Morgan) had this experience when he got blood poisoning from an infection and collapsed at work. I was the first aider on the scene as was with him from the time he collapsed (we called the ambulance) will the time he woke up (15 mins later when the paramedics arrived). Morgan thought no time had passed at all, he though he just closed his eyes and then a moment later the ambulance was there.
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