Bible Project Reading Psalm 119 Part Eight

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  • JohnnyAppleseed2 reply I'd like to comment on verse 123(KJV): "It is time for thee, LORD, to work: for they have made void thy law." God is aware of our situation, each one of us as an individual and as a nation. Will God sit back and fail to act for his will and/or on our behalf ? If we fail to pray about situations, sometimes yes. Without prayer, things can coast along in the natural until things get progressively worse and worse until we either pray or perish. I call it "spiritual gravity". We forget, the earthly order of things has been cursed. "They have made void thy law." Who are "they"? That's anybody who hasn't been born again. The general unbelieving, ungodly, society we live in. If you look around, at our government and society today, we've reached a place where people are beginning to call right, wrong and call good, evil and darkness, light. If we as Christians don't pray for this nation, we will loose our rights to meet and worship or even speak the gospel. Just as sure as the sun will rise. Qu...moreite frankly, many of the Christians I talk to, seem like they could care less.
  • BibleandBlues reply what he said ^
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