Yooka-Laylee Fixed

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  • [ – ] Kromohawk reply I'm going to assume that was Jon Trons voice yes?
  • ProjectKillJoy reply This video is freaking hilarious! This actually made me laugh out loud
  • Jimmietherustle reply Pagie is fuken woke, yo.
  • g0bkF7Ss reply If this was actually in the game. Id buy 10 copies and let Team17 be a fucboi on twitter for as much as they want.
  • Solloco reply holy shit that was funny. followed
  • sakuramboo reply What's the difference?
  • [ – ] CorpseDragon reply Wasn't the stat that Jon quoted about wealthy black people committing more crime than that poor white people a fabrication or something? I'm genuinely asking here.
    • [ – ] Sharpwing parent reply Not only that but the research study he used was of incarceration statistics from the early 1950's to the late 1980's I think. Now it doesn't take a very bright cookie to know the real reason for those incarcerations when you take into account the year. Poor Jon just looked for a research study that supported his point but he didn't even bother to so much as skim it. For the record I like Jon's content, but he's just shitty at research and political debates. I also don't think he should have been removed from Yooka-Laylee over something that silly. Most of the people buying the game would not have cared, but now a portion do because no one likes it when game companies of all companies remove someone over zero nuance and common sense bottom lines. But businesses have a track record of making shitty and out of touch business decisions. Pepsi anyone? XD
      • CorpseDragon parent reply Ah I see. Hes not a good debater but at least hes willing to take his own stand on these things, and that's fine by me. As for the Yooka-Laylee thing I stay neutral, since I didn't care much for that game anyways, but it goes to show how developers can be two-faced when it comes to politics.
  • Vexode reply GEEZ! lol Jon is the best
  • Boxful reply Oh god this was so fucking funny
  • sequorrox reply You're a fucking white mail!
  • JaysTechTv reply really seems like banjo kazooie to me
  • deathsite1902 reply Fun and Educational. 10/10
  • bononoz1 reply Jontron is in the game! Thank you for modding him in there! Take my upvote!
  • jinxofeden reply ten outta ten
  • Boxful reply Hey MisterMetokur, can you put NSFW labels on your non-child friendly videos so we don't have Vidme go downhill?
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