✰ASMR✰ Angela | On a Date With a Nosferatu

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  • [ – ] JannaJonna reply Interesting story and I love those fangs! More seducting makeup would have worked better (at least for me)
    • IndigoStars parent reply Thank you! I have a very wide cast of characters with a large variety of looks so I'm sure there'll be something like that soon :3
  • userXVI reply You are worthy.
  • Valhallasmr reply It's nice seeing all these endearing bits of our scary nossie, you might almost think she's been tamed, if you didn't know her. I adore this video, great work as always Lisa.
  • SmoothRiverrock reply Angela is a fascinating character with endearing qualities. Thanks Lisa, and BeebleBastard. <3
  • EtroSomnus reply It's nice to finally see ASMR videos on Vidme!
  • AnthroBoyPrime reply YES!!😀, A date at LAST with my Nossie Queen 😍. I reckon one more date,and that 'Facebook friend request accepted' notification will become a reality 😜. Thanks so much for this, I love all aspects of Angela's character, but seeing her softer side endears her so much more to me 💜🙏. Also the face stroking whilst feeding was a masterstroke in the triggers department, double whammy 👍. Oh..😮..Indi..help a love sick pupper out..what are Angela's favourite chocolates?, and if I make a 80's mixtape for Angie, will that increase my chances of avoiding the 'Friend Zone' 😱😱😂. Awesome work 👏👌☺.
  • My_Weird_World reply SPANISH por favor 😂😂😂 greetings fro tampa U.S.A.
  • [ – ] ThePieceofEden reply Can't imagine Angela dating anyone without cat ears
  • FidanAliyeva reply 👄🌹💋♥️👌🏻👌🏻
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