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  • [ – ] weiggie66 reply This Scaramucci situation is very puzzling to me. Why did Trump hire him in the first place. Scaramucci had previously made comments against Trump and for Hillary Clinton. Scaramucci must have thought he was above being fired. I guess he should have watch the Apprentice to learn how Trump handles his business. He's Fired.
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply He said very mean things about the President in the past. But at least he was used as a strawman to fire Spicer and Priebus. I personally think that this was the only reason he was chosen. To fire those 2 F-Faces and to hate on the mainstream media.
  • [ – ] weiggie66 reply The problem in this world is trust. Who can we trust with so many snakes in the grass? Politics is full of back stabbing low life scoundrels. Who can you trust to watch your children while you are at work? Life is difficult whether you are the President or a parent.
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply Yes, I agree. Especially when it comes to children. They cannot defend themselves, and it makes me angry that even youtube/google censor and ban people who try to help them.
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