Obamacare Repeal failed bc of 3 Traitors

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  • [ – ] GeekWisdom reply It's so maddening that there will be networks like CNN who will encourage people to believe it's all Trump's fault, and they will happily believe this because it fits their narrative. By the way, is there a German term for "fuckface"?
    • [ – ] sowhat-vidme parent reply There is a literal translation, but nobody uses it. Most common is "Arschgesicht" (= ass face), "Schwanzgesicht" (= dick face), or "Fotzengesicht" (= cunt face).
    • [ – ] Blaewas parent reply I no longer get my news from the major news outlets. I haven't had any television service in years. Whatever CNN thinks, or FOX for that matter, means about as much to me as a June bug in July. I can think for myself, as you obviously can but I take your point that a lot of people have lost or surrendered the ability to form an independent opinion and the networks, some more than others, will dictate the narrative for the masses. And it will, of course, be a "Dump-on-Trump" fest.
      • [ – ] sowhat-vidme parent reply Same here. I want to link a funny youtuber again. His channel name is "High Energy" and he makes funny videos where Tucker Carlson debates people like in a computer game https://youtu.be/69BH-6dfTFI
      • [ – ] GeekWisdom parent reply This would make a great horror movie if you think about it. All of these people acting like zombies, enforcing weird rules about what people can say, blindly accepting whatever they are told by mainstream media. Kind of like Orwell's 1984 but worse. I don't bother with TV either. If it's not mainstream networks bad-mouthing Trump, it's celebrities who think their political opinion is so important to the rest of us.
        • sowhat-vidme parent reply These Hollywood people annoy me as well. Clooney, for example. He was one of the ones always saying "we need more refugees". And then he fled back to America, because Europe is not safe anymore. They installed a "refugee"-camp next to his Mansion at Lake Como.
  • [ – ] Blaewas reply I see only one civil recourse at our disposal now. The "nuclear option" hidden in our Constitution's fifth article that provides a way for the states themselves to circumvent Congress to introduce, debate and ultimately ratify amendments to our Constitution in order to reign in the increasingly incompetent and corrupt Federal Government. There is an ongoing movement called the "Convention of States" that seeks to introduce and pass identical legislation in at least 34 States that would force Congress to officially call the Convention. Thereafter, the States would send delegates to Washington in a meeting that would totally exclude Congress in order to discuss amendments that would limit terms, balance the budget, limit the powers of Federal judges, etc. This option has never before been triggered in our history and would represent the biggest renegotiation of our social contract in several generations. Regardless if this is successful or not, our system will collapse eventually und...moreer its own weight. We are too deep now to get out without pain. It's more a question of how do we manage the collapse to have a softer landing and give future generations to build back up what we have been dismantling for so long, namely liberty and sustainable prosperity.
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply It is really good vs evil now. Nobody should just bow down and suck it. Whether it is in America, Europe, or on other continents. Nobody should give up his human rights, for whatever reason.
  • [ – ] Blaewas reply Words fail me. I don't know if there is a word in the English language to describe the way I feel about this. Maybe there is a really good, long German word that could capture my disgust. Ya'll have the best words to describe complex emotions. Any suggestions?
    • [ – ] sowhat-vidme parent reply Sure: That is really derogatory and just a combination of words, but grammatically correct: - Volksverräterschweinefotzenköppe (filthy pigs who are traitors of the citizens and have cxnt faces) Normal everyday swear words are: - Arschgeigen (a.. violin players) - Wichser (wxnkers) - Arschlöcher (a..holes) - Drecksäcke (scumbags) The list is endless. I am a true poet xD
      • [ – ] Blaewas parent reply Perfect! I knew you wouldn't disappoint. That first one is a work of art. I hope you mind if I "appropriate" these words for my personal vocabulary. They could be useful as most people here don't understand German and wouldn't know I was swearing. Lol
        • [ – ] sowhat-vidme parent reply You are welcome. There was a new terrorist attack in Hamburg a couple of hours ago. The Muslim "allah akbar"-fuck killed 1 person and hurt four in a supermarket. I am currently uploading the video.
          • [ – ] Blaewas parent reply I heard about that. More of the same. I am so jaded right now that nothing surprises me anymore. All of this could have been avoided. Don't we have enough domestic criminals in our own countries to deal with? Do we have to import more of them to meet some quota?
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