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  • CalvinFuture reply Hustle everyday!! 💲
  • ThoseFreakinGuys reply heck yeah man you can't ever give up man
  • ImpeccablyCurious reply I agree with constant practice, but I like to purposely procrastinate on projects I feel like I can get more creativity the next day. However, there's a thin line between that and being lazy, so I see where you're coming from
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply Eyyy is this your 4th video in a row? I also gave uploading daily a try(today will be my 3rd day) but it's harder than i thought. I can't imagine the vloggers do did it for years. Geez. or maybe they are just extroverts :P but i like the challenge but i guess this challenge would be harder for perfectionists. Sure thing. Upload 3 times a week ;)
    • liam_matt parent reply Yeah, it's surprisingly tougher than anticipated! But you can do it mate! I have to admit that my respect for Casey Neistat has increased! I may just upload three times a week and see how it goes, and if it goes well I shall implement it onto my YouTube too!
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