Do NOT Buy an AtGames Sega Genesis Flashback HD 2017 Console!

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  • GameSlam reply This system is actually a lot better than there old ones, The sound has been fixed and emulation is way better. Some of the reviewers got faulty units, ATgames have sent them all new consoles to re-review. I agree about their old POS consoles though but the flashback is really really good, wait for the newer reviews or watch Dreamcastguys review as his wasn't faulty.
  • Ghawk reply Wow, AtGames messed up again.
  • Eviscerator_MK2 reply Seems anything SEGA does with emulation doesn't work very well like how the Sonic 1 emulation in Sonic Generations was rather horrendous, the Genesis Classic thing on Steam has lag issues with the room launcher, their Sega Forever phone service has issues, & now most recently this AtGames thing. I wonder if part of the AtGames licence to do this requires them to use SEGA's shit emulation? As it seems the Atari Flashback is reviewing well.
  • tageneislover reply This will probably be the same thing, but with an HDMI cable support. No thanks! I don't want to buy a console with some games for more than 50 euros that has horrible audio quality. You're better off buying a plug n' play console!
  • Malum reply The more they release sub optimized garbage, the more emulation will remain the standard for retro gaming.
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