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  • Sock_Puppet reply Feminism arrives, attacks creators and stifles creativity only to complain when no one is creating good female superhero characters, hardly a surprising outcome, I can't wait til more creators start bootlegging their own content without all the regulations and red tape like they did in the seventies and eighties
  • Muddywaters reply The Doctors personality has been derailed completely with the last rendition. Granted some of the others drifted but they never contradicted the characters long established personality before. The change was so obvious I thought for awhile this was the master character substituting for the real doctor. When I realised this was not the case I lost interest and stopped watching after the fourth episode. I was hopeful a change would see a return to form. But no, now it's feminism turn which I suppose is an apt follow on to pedo cringe. All the original and long established ideology is being tossed in favour of identity politics. I guess it will be mildly interesting to see how the victim narrative gets presented. The new writers track record offers little encouragement.
  • FlyingSteamBug reply Doctor who has been dead to me ever since that last episode where he has a child throw an exploding apple (essentially a hand grenade) at the cybermen. SERIOUSLY! WEAPONIZING A FUCKING CHILD! The doctor is dead!
  • MultiKillerjoe reply I hope they don't ruin the series like ey did the mist
  • MultiKillerjoe reply Well time Lords from the doctor who universe are able to change there sex. But I honestly don't care about the series I got out of it years ago.
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