Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl | Movie Review

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  • POVincent reply When I first saw this movie, I honestly wasn't too impressed. However, I didn't see it until it was already, at least, a year old. I think all the hype I kept hearing FROM EVERYONE built it up so much me that I had my expectations too high. Though, I can't deny that Johnny Depp rocked in that movie and was the biggest reason for it's success. The follows ups just tried too hard to be grand and epic. "On Stranger Tides" tried to pull it back, but having a lackluster villain (Despite the fact that Blackbeard was played by the ever awesome Ian McShane) didn't help the movie, plus I think the franchise had already lost a lot of fans at that point. I'm willing to give the new one a chance, but it better bring it.
  • GreenCobrasGaming reply Looking forward to Pirates Of Caribbean 5. I love the 1st four especially the first 3. The 4th one was good but not on par as 1-3. Saw the 4th one in theaters and will do the 5th one the same.
  • lambdog76 reply Harry Knowles from Ain't it Cool News may take exception to the statement of critics reviling the flick. This was, obviously before YouTube, and other social media platforms really took off. Knowles had a blog then and shared hos love for the pirate genre (Erol Flynn, etc), and his belief in what Disney was going to be able to accomplish. As a fan, the movie blew my mind, and I still rewatch it to the day, going on 14 years later, I would watch it tonight and not be bored. Looking forward to the rest of your series on this.
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