Video Games Could Kill You

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  • [ – ] SG_Studios reply Good for you using a clickbaity title to spread an important message :) like seriously, @Trickles_McGoo the two articles were about gaming related deaths, so quit coming down on someone with your passive aggressive crap.
  • [ – ] aaliyah_holt1995 reply I do take a break every hour at least.
  • [ – ] LukesGamePage reply Daaamn, something else fun that isn't good for you
  • [ – ] Gfox_1 reply I play for long periods of time. I really should get up more and have regular breaks. Thanks to this video I think I will
  • [ – ] Radioactiveroach reply VR could be the remedy to this whole thing.
  • [ – ] Pixel_Husky reply This type of stuff scares the shit out of me and probably should.
  • [ – ] Sibernethy reply This is one reason why I separated the computer from my bedroom. My sleep has improved as well.
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply When I get hooked on a game, I'm HOOKED. I mean, 12 hours straight just playing. But then I burn out and return to it maybe a few hours a day here and there. But while I'm on my game binge, I take breaks to play with the cats, feed the cats, clean the cat box, etc. Basically get a pet if you want to stay active, get a pet.
  • [ – ] Shibe_Kun reply "VIDEO GAMES COULD KILL YOU" Hey you seem to have forgotten some things there so lemme help ya : 1. Change the title to "Being Inactive could Kill You!" Sorry, but it ain't the video games at all, it's the inactivity, and the fact that you made THAT your title, just proves you want people to click and watch, instead of actually wanting to teach people. 2. You seem to have forgotten a hashtag, #FearMongering See! Told you you forgot one! And before you ask how this is Fear Mongering, look at the title, then try and tell me that i'm wrong. I'm not against taking breaks while useing electronics that require you to sit down, and I do that myself, but don't play the video games card if you don't know how to use it. Thanks, and have a nice day.
  • [ – ] cannotaccess reply This should be called video games without breaks can kill you.
  • DanMongoose reply his nostrils
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