"Vaginas and Russians and White People .. Oh My" - Why Hillary Clinton Lost

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  • [ – ] MikeSyxx reply You mean millions of white people were sick of being told how evil they were based on their skin color and perceived privileges?! And they voted against you?!
  • wilsonro reply Hillary Butthurt-Clinton.
  • [ – ] christina_church reply Why do women do that with their last names . The day I get married and church is gone I'll be so happy !
  • floreancig reply Hilary was probably the worst conceivable candidate. The first time the clintons were in the whitehouse was a disaster. The scandals were non-stop. Here is a woman as a Senator did literally nothing (except voting for the Iraq war), and as Secretary of State was instrumental in igniting the chaos leading to the destabilization of the Libya, Egypt, Syria and the loss of much of Iraq. And the press were on her side, and what about the trail of dead people who get in her way? And she stabbed Bernie in the back.
  • DryDrowner reply 10 months to figure out that showing the middle finger to 80 percent of voters does not give you an election? That explains her interpretation of 1984. She is just not that bright.
  • rxantos reply We dodged a bullet.
  • RobertTLongway reply Thank you for covering this!! Love the remix too
  • [ – ] Tangara reply Crooked Hillary's crooked gene collection have survived through millions of years! Think of that! I don't even want to hear the Evolutionalist explanation for this freakshow! And if you are a creationist, your god is a demented sadist — with a certain amount of humour...
    • supernova743 parent reply Evolution isn't about removing every gene that's not helpful. It's simply about maximizing genes that are helpful. We have a lot of genes that have simply been inactive or benign for millions of years.
  • VauxhallViva1975 reply There she goes again with the "Having to get people used to having a woman President." That has FUCK-ALL to do with it. I have no-doubt that SOME people really are sexist and would not want her there because she is a woman, but most people really don't care. Here in New Zealand, we had a woman Prime Minister(Helen Clark) for several years, and the leader of the opposition was Jenny Shipley - this was years ago, and it was nothing to do with sexism. They won the positions they held, cos they were the best people for the job at the time. The leader of the Labour Party over here is a woman(Jacinda Ardern), and we are about to have an election, and her and her party are polling very well. I'm sick to death of hearing butt-hurt fucks like Hilary CONSTANTLY play the vagina card. No wonder people did not vote for her - American's are fucking sick of that shit too. Be likeable and not push an agenda, and people WILL like you and vote for you. Be a cunt with an agenda and a "All men a...morere bastards" complex, and people WON'T vote for you, and it is nothing to do with sexism.
  • Tangara reply "white, russian, vaginas" btw <3 Minsk meat-up soon?
  • balloons reply thanks for letting us know about tshirt gate cunt, when we get pics of sugar tits tits
  • venuecam reply hiLIARy calims she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary. Except she was born before he climbed Mt. Everest XDDD She just can't help herself. She's a bald faced liar.
  • frankblackcrow reply Not to forget she also lost to Obuma,, she's a 2 time looser, and her "Under a brain fart" book tour, could be cancelled due to no one gives a fuck, she was unelectable when Obuma took the win, and was unelectable with trump,, as with trump, that should be really saying something to the way that people in the U.S are actually using their brain and not electing her at all,, and not to forget the baggage of having her husband also along for the ride if she was ever to be considered as electable,, as a reason as not to, when she calls herself a feminist, is a laughable excuse to try and fool the politically gullible. Te difference of the reality of Trump giving hope, where Hillary gave despair,, who the fuck calls her Rodham , sounds like some brand of dildo.
  • ikillomega reply Clinton's campaign hit the ground with such a 'thud' all of the marsupials in Australia jumped about five feet in the air at once.
  • Muddywaters reply And she is still lying.
  • Victor_von_Doom_Jr reply Yeah Hillary...the mutherfuckin' USA, who invented the most vibrant, profitable porn industry in the world, felt uncomfortable with a female Potus. You fucking retarded cunt!
  • RhinocerosUnicornis reply Although Hillary is not President, the Social Justice Warriors are still very powerful.
  • rxantos reply And to Think that Sam Harris Supported Hillary with an appeal to emotion speech.
  • rxantos reply First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win. This describes what Trump did.
  • Edgewood reply With how determined they are, I would not be surprised if they've got one last trick up their sleeve. Thanks for the laughs Bearing!
  • Stuntman_Mike reply Couldn't understand how she lost Wisconsin while never bothering to campaign in Wisconsin . . .
  • DarkQuark reply Hillary Clinton lost because she is such an evil and terrible person that months and months of lying, schemeing and cover-ups could not hide that fact.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Notley wears hijab, praises pro-Hamas group in Muslim holiday greeting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EB1P3rnUIPg
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Vote passes 25 to 0 for the FBI to release Hillary's e-mails. U.S. Congress Subpoenas FBI for Clinton Emails On The SPOT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YI7tHQpsG9c
  • Platypus67 reply More like hillary ROTTEN CUNTON!!
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