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  • [ – ] Reksio reply This is what youtube wants. They ban so many accounts and videos. They want people give up and lose hope to speak truth. It is a new way to censor free speech.
  • [ – ] AndyOch reply DAMN! Look at all of the "New Nigga's"! I see why no one in America talks about going on vacation to Europe, for the past 10 years! It is hard to believe that one of my ancestors came from Vienna! We started in America with Plantations! From the Speeches of Winston Churchill to, "Not let's give our land away"! It seems like Science Fiction! These people must be the "Nigga Guilt" relief, so we can kick the shit out of them for selling us the niggas, like the nigga's kick the shit out of us for buying them! Unreal
  • [ – ] AndyOch reply If I ever open a channel, I think I am going to mold it praise "Eye slum" for all of the wonderful things that they do for the world. Praise them for things like molestation, genital mutilation, terror, polygamy, homosexual murders & head chopping's. There is allot more that the average citizen does not know about, like crimes that allows for stoning and hand chopping's! It has to be done in such a way that they actually believe we want woman & children to suffer, like a Satanist! I am actually starting to think this is what it will take to get the open-borer people to flip. They need to stop chasing those feelings that make you feel good, like a crackhead running down hen's next fix. They are no better than a crackhead on some of the topics that they dwell on. Those good feelings are destructive to the majority that is not living on the raggedy ass edge! Russia rarely has issues with migration, when they migrate up the rivers naturally; they pack them on trucks and ship them back to C...morehechnya! This may be the only thing that will work on the Leftists because they always go against the grain!
    • [ – ] Stonersrule parent reply do you know it JEWISH law to have sex with one under three years old?
      • [ – ] AndyOch parent reply That is the older Babylonian law. I do think that they start hammering on the minds of 3 years old instead of their bodies these days though!
        • Stonersrule parent reply its in the talMUD
        • [ – ] Stonersrule parent reply where do you think the kabbalah came from?
          • [ – ] AndyOch parent reply I am not sure of an actually point of origin but we are talking about 13,000+ years ago. They dispersed over a large plot of land. I actually started believing in Atlantis, Noah and the stories of Gilgamesh after I read a paper that a friend of mind wrote for a grant, so he could get the money to do a dig there. This will give you better understanding of how the amount of pre-history that we lost when the Ice sheet was destabilized, sending the ice into the oceans…
            • [ – ] Stonersrule parent reply i have researched Gilgamesh a little...see if this makes sense to you..
              • [ – ] AndyOch parent reply I personally think that people that study the Talmud long enough to know the old ways, they are pulled into to pool and do not rail against the Joo. The newer sciences are the ones that you need to be aware of. Start with the "Learned Elders of Zion" and allow your brain to massage that around a bit. There is just too much from me too weave together in this format to be able to get a clear enough picture through to people on my views, so I just slap lower ethnic groups for fun! LOL American Patriots may be interested in this link:
                • [ – ] Stonersrule parent reply this is on the same line as your video. not to even mention the Russian Bolsheviks
                  • [ – ] AndyOch parent reply My advice to people that do not have economic ability to interact and change things by throwing cash at it like Soros is, Take these thoughts and inside and stop worrying about social reinforcements, go back to school, get into a field of civil engineering, or art and once you get to be liked highly, pull out the real driving factor and goals, if they are not just screaming for acceptance.
                  • AndyOch parent reply The Talmud is like an encyclopedia set. Not too many people can retain their sensibility after reading that many texts. Like the Muslim that cannot escape the Quran, because it promises submission of others like a pyramid scheme. People that saturate themselves without a self before they start studying, they are puled into the control mechanisms that this media begins to stir in their inner cosmos!
                • Stonersrule parent reply The Talmud is Judaism's holiest book (actually a collection of books). Its authority takes precedence over the Old Testament in Judaism. Evidence of this may be found in the Talmud itself, Erubin 21b (Soncino edition): "My son, be more careful in the observance of the words of the Scribes than in the words of the Torah (Old Testament)."
                • Stonersrule parent reply i have researched the elders of zion and the jews for many years..
        • Stonersrule parent reply
        • Stonersrule parent reply that is their law
        • [ – ] Stonersrule parent reply kabbalah law right
          • [ – ] AndyOch parent reply It is an older law that I do not think that they use, but they are fucking with the minds of the children to wind them up for Economic reasons! Be the time that most people figure this out, they are 50 years old. When you start life out searching for independence instead of building it, by the time you are 50, you could have bought three houses. This next generation needs to teach their kids to stay at home and save, while selling shit to the "New" people, like hair bleach! I came up with a 30-year rule. If you build or have the fortune to live in an all-white community, set your watch! You have 20 years before you see them appear, and 30 years before you become saturated with them. I am sure this is why they say fish move in schools.
  • Stonersrule reply merkel is in the same game DESTROY ALL that is not JEWISH(Semitic -Islam)
  • Stonersrule reply including trump
  • Stonersrule reply as ALL Americans politics support isarealhell
  • [ – ] Stonersrule reply i know you criticize your own government but tht is the only way to change it make your own government change their thinking..Islam wont change!
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