A Call To Arts (Sorry About The Flickering Light)

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  • Yuung_Maan reply It's time for people get back to their artistic expressions rather than being netted up in PC prison...
  • TheDualHandPath reply @KultovKristofer Whatever the medium may be, I think it could help. I just followed you, great content!
  • KultovKristofer reply thanks man - i try to do my videos in a multi-media style - with music and grrrrfx - but some tangible stuff will happen too.
  • TheDualHandPath reply @KultovKristofer I like that hashtag, thank you for the input! Ill be uploading some art soon as well.
  • KultovKristofer reply I am also interest in this zine idea of yours
  • KultovKristofer reply NYC dwelling Artist here 9 although I am planning to go to a RED STATE as soon as possible ) . I have started my own #hashtag to try to get the idea across that ALL ART Is NOT Left! - i am KRISTOFERISMS and I have #ArtRight check out my channel - its mostly chatting about my thoughts on issues - but i am planning to add my ART to the channel soon. Anyone who can, check me out - https://vid.me/KultovKristofer
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