Cloudy Pond | Thursday Notation

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  • [ – ] Mozart_Forever reply is the video playing sideways 3d at an angle or is that just me? you got an outtro for this too!
    • [ – ] cdnza parent reply Yes It's just you... But yes, it's at an angle, to keep it consistent with the thumbnail ;) And of course I have an outro for this! Though the instrumentation for each Thursday will change depending on the instruments used on the main song :D
      • [ – ] Mozart_Forever parent reply You're going to stress yourself out composing all this stuff. Are you training for the composition Olympics? just kidding that's not a thing! then again since I mentioned it in comment form it's bound to happen. Everything I say or comment that is an idea happens...
        • [ – ] cdnza parent reply Pshh, burrrnout is forrr veak my comrade. But now zat you mention it, I zink it's time to gather big Museskorrrians and kome together to crrreate annual kompetition. Vouldn't zat be something? To vorrrk along vith Museskorrre team to host it everrrytime rrreal Olympics arrre hosted! Arrrrghh !
          • [ – ] Mozart_Forever parent reply I'm so confused you went from Russian to pirate... you just flipped my mind upside down. Acttually that sounds like and Idea... Thomas might sponsor it with medals shipped in the mail!!! XD
            • [ – ] cdnza parent reply What? You never heard of Russian pirates?!?! If anything, just a new badge to put alongside a username (like the Pro account badge). I don't know, but I'm pretty sure there would be plenty of Musescorians who would be willing to participate :D
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