SHOCKER! MTV Decoded Defines Cuck as Wacist!

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  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply Despite continuously saying it was racist I didn't hear her attempt to give a reason why, not like they need too because they apparently know the secrets of the universe or something. Their arguments are held together with the equivalent of frayed string and old sellotape...
    • Xexor parent reply It's because . . . reasons. I love how they can say so much while saying so little. In summary: "I'm an irritable, angry feminist: listen to me!!"
    • crissymoss parent reply They probably subscribe to the Anita Sarkisian thinking; "Everything is sexist. Everything is racists, everything is homophobic, and you have to point it out."
  • JadeJicama reply I have NEVER heard the phrase 'Beta-fying' before this video.
  • [ – ] Shawna_Hunter_A reply Just as an FYI the cuck fetish (which I have touched on briefly in my erotica) is a form of humiliation fetish. The cuck is not doing it to seem cool and cosmopolitan he wants to be shamed. He wants her to tell him how much better the "bear" or "bull" or "buck" is than him and (for those who happen to be bi or bi curious) to perhaps be forced to lick the girl clean. It may not be your thing but it's not something I would conflate with cuckoldry in the sense of a cheating wife making you raise another man's child or with the internet insult. The 3 things may use the same word but they are radically different.
  • [ – ] c_arnold03 reply From what I've been told Franchesca Leigh, or is it Ramsey, is married to a white guy, which I found hard to believe until I saw her youtube video of the wedding. The expressions of the guests at the ceremony were interesting, to say the least, but I'm curious about her husband. How does he go to sleep next to her confident that she won't just off and kill him in his sleep now that it's obvious to every rational minded human being that she is rabidly hostile towards men, especially white men. Those videos on her channel are absolutely swimming in anti-white racism.
  • PirateMonkE reply At this point... what ISN'T misogynist or racist to these people?
  • LadyFuzztail reply It's a sad state of affairs when racism is now being made to mean "anything I don't like to hear!"
  • MarketStrategies reply Ramsey is good at saying the word cuck is racist without giving a reason why. Then she brings in Trump by default lol, sums up the video really. Good thing you had to educate her on the meaning of the word Dave
  • Leadhead reply Feel your pain, MTV are a bunch of retards of the highest order...
  • Shimeran reply So when did she actually say why a term that strictly refers to men has anything to do with hating women? The closest I got to unraveling that is she assumes misogynists use the word, therfore somehow making the word misogynist.
  • Elias79 reply I am very left but hate this type of social injustice and it's a totally false dilemma putting everyone either on the right or the left when what really counts here is whenther you want freedom or more opression---- I wish everyone would stop claiming social justice warriors are leftwing when what they really is, are authoritarian extremists that hate freedom.
  • blazedu reply decoded? more like recoded because this is pretty indoctrinatory.
  • GoMGTOW reply "Cuck" is derived from "Cuckold", which was originally coined by poems catering to Misandry centuries ago. to define a Man who subjects himself to willfully being demeaned and demasculated by Women. See also "Simp".
  • itchy8me reply MF's can eat my irie hand sign! feels good!
  • SylvesterSan reply Stop marking people as left and right, the world is not black and white like that. It's an outdated formula and only helps in dividing people.
  • Politics_N_Games reply There's a Y in waycist. :-)
  • [ – ] SEspider reply If it's "Sexist" and "racist" then WHY WAS SHE REPEATING IT SO MUCH?!?!
  • Partially_Evil reply How the actual fuck does Franny still have a job with ratings like hers? I've seen bio-hazard bins that don't burn holes in the floor like she does. Is Andywarski bribing MTV to keep his arch rival on air? That's the ONLY explanation that makes any kind of sense...
  • madel_schmadel reply I love how that word gets under the left's skin so much. I need to use it more. And strange she didn't talk about women who use the word (because we do) against the left, particularly liberal beta males. By the way, Obama was a beta male, as was Jimmy Carter. But are very passive-aggressive and bitter, both hallmarks of betaness.
  • NinjaPoolboy reply this beta male thing is really bullshit.
  • ITSnippets reply MTV where if it aint rap it doesnt get air time...
  • MadJim reply That bint has the look of a real bunny boiler about her
  • freerangehobo reply Typical one-sided dialogue that leaves zero room for rebuttal. This tactic is being used worldwide as an effective way to brainwash those low information followers. Fortunately, they comprise the bulk of their audience, while free thinking individuals are flocking to the more rational media. Thanks for your contributions 👌
  • ResistanceChicks777 reply I was just looking up the meaning of the word and gave up, didn't like the definition, there is a lot of bias in the definitions! I kept getting "cuckconservative"!
  • [ – ] Crazy_Cat_Gentleman reply Be interesting to know if is it men or women whom watch cuck porn the most.
  • Kekstro reply Holler when this is the last stop.
  • N3v3r3nding_N3wb reply Visit! You guys'll be very interested, I feel.
  • [ – ] CigarBGuitarefx reply Maybe I don't visit enough internet forums or read enough comments, but I have only seen this term used as an insult to someone one time.
  • Insidio reply AI GO ROGUE 👺
  • RoboLynx reply I was thinking "SJW" but I guess "MTV" works as well.
  • MutantPixel reply Pick up a chick magazine and see just how ABSOLUTELY Hypocritical these people are. "Beta males are the best!" The magazine they worship "Look at these hot, sexy 6 foot 6 ripped men who are trained fighters!". They're so full of themselves, they're huge liars, they're the most sexist, racist hateful people you will ever come across. The sooner they fall out of popularity the better.
  • JamesRBrown reply And MTVs Decoding is one many reasons shit isn't getting better. The left REEEEES all day about shit that nobody gives a flying fuck about. And yes, you are correct. Social justice is a cavernous pit like Zoe Quinn's vagina. And that twat isn't making legitimate money, either. Well, unless she follows the SJW guide to whine, steal and beg for money. About like this MTV show...
  • DarkQuark reply We need to stop trying to decode the insanity and work on the reasons why it is being created purposefully.
  • DarkQuark reply MTV, trying to stay relevant through stoking the social fires. This is akin and just as sad as Madonna offering BJ's.
  • SilentAssassin reply So sad how these people cannot see how they've become what they pretend to oppose.
  • tonygreene113 reply That's so decoded of her.
  • blazedu reply we need a decoded bingo. It's so easy we get one every video.
  • MaxIzrin reply "You only need three..." *ding*! I'm fucking dead! That was perfect.
  • SylvesterSan reply These videos generate a lot of comments and comments can put you on the trending page I believe.
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