Kingdom Hearts Birth by sleep Final Mix - Forgetful ol' Merlin! Episode 10

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  • [ – ] ShakotsuGaming reply Haha nice yeah I'm gonna start doing that in my vids it's neat and a smart idea
  • Joejoesgotflow reply 12:03 - 12:10 once you find that command in a chest, it becomes available to buy at a moogle shop at that point, and while I'm at it I might as well tell you since I've played and beaten this a few times. The "Thunder surge" or "surge" Commands in general give you more invincibility frames once you get those and at least 3 Curagas, that would be my setup for the rest of the game. Surge commands and 3 Curagas
  • [ – ] Happyslacker101 reply great job on the line of BBS Vids ...LOVE KH !!!!<3 <3 <3
  • [ – ] ShakotsuGaming reply Lol love the previously... Haha great job lol I love kh.
    • MissMulti parent reply Thanks :D It's a good way to let people know what happened in the last video if they missed it or forgot :D Thanks for stopping by!
  • Joejoesgotflow reply 1:33 - 1:37 if you pay really close attention you can see that it's actually Scrooge mcduck
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