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  • GoPlayOutside reply Crunchwrap Supreme is my favorite fast food item. On the rare occasion I have one I order it with a double order of steak. It costs a little more but is soooo worth it. Gotta wash it down with Baja Blast. Hope they do another Summer of Baja! The canned version isn't as good as from the fountain tho. Ooooh I just remembered seeing a tv commercial for a triple Crunchwrap Supreme. Taco Bell is less than a mile from home, gonna have to make a run for the border!
  • stuffjlikes reply Loved the MAGA shout out!
  • MFKraven reply i wish i could have one of these all by myself.. right now. Crunchwrap Stands on every corner plz
  • richlocolive reply Fantastic video! If you guys are ever in Wisconsin, let me know. #VidmeCrossover
  • solarpete reply I love it check out solarpete famous on youtube hypno alpha male skills on vid.
  • kristalplex reply Your dog so chubby and cute
  • Defender7707 reply Thanks for your contribution to MAGA!
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