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  • FwahStorm reply Hi doomx2001! Thank you for your kind words, and I'm glad you enjoy my content :) Pieces is a great movie. It's just one of those movies that you put on, and you know you're in for some fun lol. As for your art work: keep practising. I know that's all anyone says when in regards to improving your art, but it's the truth. Are you a traditional artist who uses paper and pencils, a digital artist, or a mix of both? Thank you for following my channel, Buddy :) There will be some new video's up real soon :)
  • doomx2001 reply Just discovered your channel. Love your content! I got Pieces on dvd over 10 years ago and was surprised at how good the movie was. The gore, the cheese, the story, and the ending was really cool. By-the-way I watched your speed inking video of Freddy Kruger. Really well done! Top Notch! I struggle with my art. Its a daily grind to get better. Anyway, you just got a new follower. Keep up the good work sir!
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