Stream of Consciousness on Free Expression (RE: Roaming Millennial/Richard Spencer/Contrapoints)

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  • [ – ] Leadhead reply The left whom reside in the echo chamber refuse to debate and therefore want to shut down free speech. The right love debate and love free speech. If the left want to shut down the right, they will continue shutting down debate, therefore free speech. It's important to provide all people left and right uninhibited platforms to free speech, this is a core value to the freedom of our species.
  • DevilHandle reply I think your attitude is refreshing in this climate of absolutes. Nobody holds the monopoly on being correct. Also, you look very good without makeup. The Tara we see in most of your videos is packaged and highlighted in a very controlled way and I think this us the "real" Tara.
  • Qbeck01 reply The idea that everyone acts selfishly is what is called an unfalsifiable claim. You can always rationalize a selfish motive; I'd recommend Thomas Hobbes on this topic.
  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply I hope your lips are fine after that mess
  • I3UTM reply Some things I did not know about you: You are a "classical Liberal and / or a Libertarian" and you are a Hedonist. Well, I'm a Libertarian Celibatist (a conversation between those two would be quite interesting!) and a former RM addict. I wish should would come to this platform. You however, are on this platform and slay as usual. #oldmakeupstains. Get. That. Trending. ^.^
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