Anonymous Message to Black Americans

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  • dn30001 reply GhostAmerican is scared
  • chuck_fawkes reply We fight for you... We fight for all..
  • fedup1213 reply This is true, every heard of the Koch Brothers? They own many corporations of products that we use daily, and many of the products are harmful. Many of these racist corporations funded George Zimmerman's defense. It's time to become empowered and unite, the a great start is to become knowledgeable of covert and blatant injustice right in front of us.
  • sayitaintsi reply I dont think this is the real anonymous work! Fake/ Copy Cat!
  • leadd reply It doesn't hold back black people, it empowers them. We spend the most money on products in this nation but do not own any of these corporations or barely any small businesses to keep money circulating through our neighborhoods. This is why gentrification is happening in big cities like Detroit and D.C. We have to understand the power of our money and where it's being allocated. #buyblack #supportblackbuisness
  • GhostAmerican reply This is most ludicrious thing i have ever heard l.. No race sees any benfits from the compaines they buy thinga from.. You think white people get a little bonus check for shopping at nike and last time i checked there are plenty of black people working for nike if you want a job you work for it. this is exaclty the kind of crap that holds back black people.
  • graps reply This doesn't apply to all of us. It doesn't apply to white people. Wake up
  • ambrr reply This applies to all of us, but agree that they need some smart, strong leaders!! We all do, this is a planned. Takedown of the human race!
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