Wonder Woman (2017) - Movie Review (DCEU Film from Patty Jenkins)

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  • The_World_of_RipX reply say "The Mascara" real fast ...ironic considering they are all women??
  • The_World_of_RipX reply i really enjoyed it, and a LOT better than i thought i would... and thats what made it even better
  • [ – ] POVincent reply Good review. I agree with you on the use of slow-mo in the movie. I know some people didn't care for it, but I thought it was used properly. Wonder Woman is fast in combat and slowing things down a bit, only here and there, was a good idea.
    • Sean_Chandler parent reply I guess I could see people not liking the slow-mo, but that feels like them carrying their frustrations with other movies which over used slow-me into this movie rather than this movie actually don't something wrong.
  • [ – ] lambdog76 reply I found it to be a solid movie. I would say it is the second best I have seen this year behind The Fast and the Furious. I don't get all the hype about the female thing with this flick at all.
    • Sean_Chandler parent reply Yeah I don't naturally notice those types of things either. On a trivia level I guess it's interesting...I guess. But I just don't know who these people are that would actually be opposed to a female led superhero movie or a female director. So I just dont see it.
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