Mad Matt Reviews #57 Flash Gordon

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  • [ – ] ChrisAtariNerd reply Is this a re upload?
    • [ – ] Mad_Matt_Inc parent reply This is from about 3 or so years ago. I'm moving all my reviews over since they aren't safe on YouTube, and we'll see from there. I am still trying to do reviews at least monthly. And also trying to catch up with my Play Throughs, though I did skip ahead with Blood Omen since there was a high outcry by viewers to see it shortly before I got a copy. And the recent uploads of Friday are an extra bonus for both channels for the weekends.
      • [ – ] ChrisAtariNerd parent reply I like this kind of reviews. It shows heart.
        • Mad_Matt_Inc parent reply Thanks, I hope to show more than trailers again for footage with the change over to and then maybe just send quick adds for the videos over to YouTube to avoid issues with bull shit copy right strikes.
  • [ – ] LoreReloaded reply Never watched Flash Gordon.. Was before my time.. (or after it? :P)
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