Lord Bear - Black Supremacist Socialist Says STOP ADOPTING BLACK KIDS

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  • lewren reply Ahh yez, love nigger Hitler, best comedian ever
  • AdachiTohru reply Yes, evil white devils cannot adopt poor homeless black children from shitty situations, save them from a life of loveless bureaucracy in adoption agencies, and give them a loving home when all they know is broken homes all because an effeminate gay black man is telling us we are evil.
  • Thorvald793 reply Yes, look at these poor children! They're not wearing hipster glasses while making racist claims of ultimate victimhood! They obviously need to get in touch with their roots and worship at the altar of Black Hitler.
  • FullmetalThunder reply In that case, it looks like it's time for me to adopt a black kid.
  • MrFixIt reply Fuck dat nigga!
  • Aaronshy reply And everything Gazi said made me facepalm!
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