Scott Wagner on high taxes for small business

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply The fake data of the Climate Change BS artist, they can make up all the fake data they want and they can lie all they want. Mother Nature will always prove that their just outright liars. Green houses let people work in high CO2 concentrations and they don't die as it's NOT poison or pollution, first lie debunked. The ambient level of CO2 in the atmosphere is 340 PPM. At 100 PPM of CO2 the rate of photosynthesis would be stopped completely. At 150 PPM the plants begin to respire, and photosynthesis is stopped. At this low level the plant are NO longer able to obtain CO2 from the atmosphere and photosynthesis is restricted. The plant will eventually use all of the CO2 present, and photosynthesis will stop and the plant will die. The level of 1000 PPM CO2 is very close to the optimum level of CO2 required, given no other limiting factor, It even better when it reaches 1200 PPM, to allow a plant to photosynthesis at the maximum rate. Given that plants have been living in such a low CO2 en...morevironment for so long those that existed loved higher concentrations of CO2. This is Mother Nature PROVING the Climate PONZI SCHEME IS A LIE. The plant that couldn't adapt to the low CO2 have died out as a result. I suspect that the ability of plants to adapt to a even higher CO2 environment wouldn't take very long as the genetic information is most likely still there but just dormant for now. How much CO2 can people live in Occupants may experience health effects in buildings where CO2 is elevated, but the symptoms are usually due to OTHER contaminants in the air that also build up as a result of insufficient ventilation. At high levels, the carbon dioxide itself can cause headache, dizziness, nausea and other symptoms. This could occur when exposed to levels ABOVE 5,000 ppm for many hours. At even higher levels of CO2 can cause asphyxiation as it replaces oxygen in the blood. These same people will say look above 5000 ppm. News break large amounts of Water are hazardous to your health also.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Nothing soft about being TAXED into poverty. If they don't wise up history always repeats itself. The first thing that Communist do is Nationalize and Centralize the economy then they miss manage it so badly that people start to starve, there solution has always been to purge the population. Trudeau said he admiration for CHINA'S basic dictatorship. CHINA dictatorship uses dumping and trade imbalances. Then Trudeau praised CASTRO calling him a loving and great leader. The Christian community needs to think about this, Trudeau has joined in Muslim Prayers at several Mosques bowing to their God. Trudeau is a politician and will say what ever he thinks will get him elected. He doesn't care about protecting Canadians his goal is to appeal to the people that he brings into Canada so they will vote for him. It doesn't matter to him that these ISLAMIC Refugees don't respect women's rights' or free speech. His cabinet is already infiltrated with ISLAMICS that have started the process of Creati...moreng ISLAMIC blasphemy law Bill M-103. The Arab league of nations at the UN condemning "defamation of religion". The motions, sponsored on behalf of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), now known as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, sought to prohibit expression. Remember Charlie Hebdo how they attacked him because he drew a cartoon. Just in a Months time England has suffered 2 ISLAMIC attack on at the parliament building and bridge and on May 23, 2017 over 20 dead and 59 injured. Trudeau phobia now he is pushing a law to stop the deportation of Terrorist with Bill C-6. Parents say NO to Muslim school prayers
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