Bitter Hillary Clinton Blames "Russian Wikileaks", Comey for Defeat, Won't Take Responsibility

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  • Session_Jones_209 reply the funniest part about the interview was she started out by saying she was ready to take personal responsibility for the loss to Trump and then went on to blame everyone but herself
  • [ – ] smoothcc reply I also think the phony celebrity endorsements hurt her more than helped. They came across as highly pretentious.
  • tonygreene113 reply She's the victim.... Boohoo!
  • ImpolitePolitics reply This old corrupt cunt doesn't know when to give it up. VERY SAD!!!!
  • AdjacentColors reply The woman is a criminal. She lost......because she is a criminal.
  • SkogComplex reply That glass ceiling collapsed like Hillary Clinton at a September 11th memorial service.
  • [ – ] amostol reply did anyone else notice that seems to be getting slower and slower, are there severs getting flooded?
  • Dooooooooooooooom reply The whole Democrat party is dooming itself to the political hinterlands for decades at this rate. Clinton has obviously not learned anything and the rest of the party seems hell bent on doubling down with their out of touch, identitarian politics. The whole party needs to be cleaned up from stem to stern. Anyone with an ounce of power there is doing things that guarantee that most of the electorate will not event consider casting a ballot for them.
  • Nazi-Ryu reply We just need to give Trey Gowdy and David Duke full authoritarian power for 24 hours and corruption in the US government would disappear.
  • StolenMoment reply Head Lines from Wax Museum
  • wolfalexzemla reply Thanks for not putting her ugly picture up. I hate that.
  • [ – ] cafeinus reply this attitude is frightening in a way,i <3 democraty only when i win and i deserve to win for <insert raisins>
  • Cryptonymus reply I revel in her loss and pain, watching her rot away.
  • SourdoughGeek reply The reason they list an October date for her decline is because of that is when the Podesta emails were released (Oct 7th I think) by Wikileaks, but yeah I don't think that changed anyone's mind since media basically told people that it was false info from Russia and then later that there wasn't really anything bad in them.
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