The History Of Fidget Spinners

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  • MartyReactions reply Now known as the "Fuckboi Spinner"
  • Tai_Moya reply A FRIEND of mine brought one over. I didn't know what it was. Till now that is.
  • ThatsEon reply They literally banned spinners from my school unless you have a doctors note 😩
  • FIORELLO-CREATIONS reply i feel so sorry for the inventor lady... what ashame that she never got to see her lil invention take off.... being an inventor myself, so sad she never got to see it become a success..
  • duffy reply wow. never heard of these until now! really cool.
  • shamkoze reply very good video, did you pass your course?
  • Cellblock776 reply This article by NPR- - features a guy from Seattle, Scott McCoskery, who the article states "built what he believes is the first fidget spinner as we know them. It was about three years ago, and it was just for him. It was metal. It was beautiful. And then he shared pictures with an online community that takes particular pride in things you carry every day, like a wallet or a watch or a pocket knife. When he shared those pictures, he got flooded with requests, and so he started selling what he called the Torqbar." The article states that they were quite expensive, "They were probably between $300 and $500." So no mention of McCoskery in this video. makes me wonder if the NPR story was incorrect or if the video missed this.
  • [ – ] ImAngel reply I thought the fidget spinner was originally used for children with autism, people with depression, and people with skitzo to keep their minds on something simple and help to relieve stress.
  • Dobzy reply Hey man loved the video mind following?
  • JustDan reply I take one of these things everywhere with me, whenever i get bored at work, spin it and be entertained... for some reason anyway!
  • Anti_Riz reply All I have to say is fidget spinners bro
  • andhofmt reply hello, world
  • JaitheRai reply I literally see these things everywhere now lol. They don't do much for me but my friends love them.
  • LuciGT reply Umm i think you cant hit like in this vid me so yo kinda got roasted
  • SamEarl13 reply Those actually look really cool especially the one that seemed to be floating, imagine if they modified one to look like a UFO with a bit of glow in the dark paint or something.
  • MrPatriotic reply thanks for the thanks im really thankfull for the thanks you thanked of me thanks again
  • NeoGeeked reply You should edit your intro to match Vidme
  • [ – ] SammyBananas reply 💸💸💸💸CHECKOUT MY CHANNEL LETS GROW TOGETHER💸💸💸💸
    • ThatsEon parent reply Dude you don't have to do advertising on front page videos, that's not how this works to grow. Go and talk to people, build some bonds, that's how you do it and stop using money emoji's jeez
  • MFKraven reply fuck i feel so old cause i didnt recognize these shits in memes :(
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