INSANITY: Kathy Griffin Holds Trump's Bloody Decapitated Head

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  • Ennya reply This nut has NO class, I never liked her anyways...
  • THEARTCORNER999 reply Why do so-called comedian/enes insist on going political? Mainly because it dosen't require much creativity. Look at the Donald Trump situation. At what point does milking the same point of satire become unfunny? the 5th time, the 10th time, the 100th time?! Even if I shared their political views, I would have to say; "hey look, the first few times you lampooned the man was funny; but now, it's tiresome and annoying, not to mention predictable and boring. You've managed to take it to the point of creepy obsession and that's the furthest thing from funny. Is is every bit as despicable as the KKK burning a cross on someone's land or a anti-Jew speech by Adolph Hitler.
  • MrJoelDee reply Welcome to Vidme ladies. I agree with Ennya, I never liked her either. Never found her funny in the least.
  • [ – ] Blue_Rayner reply Agree, she has jumped the shark here! Thank you.
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