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✰ASMR✰ Alicia | The Little One's Looking Glass | Chapter 1

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  • [ – ] SmoothRiverrock Not that I'm impatient or anything, but when;s the next on? Quick! Please! <3
  • FidanAliyeva I'm 1000% positive that it was DeLuxe just as each your Brilliant work/presentation, My Dearest Lisa! I swear by the name of God, I can't & don't see myself without You & Your Great Channel, for you both became a real home for my Soul, a true happiness for my Heart, Saviour & Inspiration for Me myself. Unfortunately, for some strange reasons I couldn't watch the video & it makes me fee like I missed magnificent rise of the Sun!.. & yet, I'm very happy for you, My Dear!👑Congratulations on another triumph!👑LOVE YOU SO MUCH💋🌹♥️
  • [ – ] ThePieceofEden It makes me So happy every time I see Alicia wear my choker I got her :)
  • kidlet444 Can't wait to see where this goes! :)
  • [ – ] Emodude_911 This was so soothing! I can't wait to see this continue. I'm very intrigued. Great job!
  • Tritus35 Your stories are very engaging. I've grown quite accustom to Alicia! The wind was distracting at first , but then became a little soothing, hopefully you'll be down to do a mini series for your other characters! Love your work, and look forward to the next video, and if I may add, you are very beautiful, as you are creative.
  • JasonE5 That was really cool. Love how you played with the perspectives and reality. Can't wait for the next one!! :)
  • [ – ] FidanAliyeva How is that possible? I can't watch the video although I'm a subscriber, too!..😒
    • [ – ] IndigoStars parent Fidan, this video is an exclusive as a "thank you" to people that subscribe to me here on vidme. There should be a button on my channel for it :) For the time being I've also opened up access for 5$ and above patrons. I hope that helps <3
      • [ – ] FidanAliyeva parent Hi Lisa, thank you for responding & bringing clearity which helped🤗😘There's one moment I'd like to clearify to myself, does a payment access will concearn all your videos from now on or it'll concearn just an exclusive ones only?🙈
        • [ – ] IndigoStars parent Only this series, everything else will be open to everyone, for free and easily accessible!
          • FidanAliyeva parent I got it now! Thank you for explaining. You just don't know how I was so scared when I thought that I won't be able to be on the board of your ship anymore... I thought I'll die!.. thank you so very much for bringing me back to life again!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, LISA!♥️THANK YOU!♥️
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