#Steemit - Ending Twitter Shadow Banning and YouTube Censorship

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  • nerdpj reply Love this video. The future is bright
  • DenEva1223 reply Love this idea. Somewhere I can vent. Hahaha
  • LunaFir3D reply I KNOW I am shadow banned on YouTube. Got officially banned of Google+, for 'spamming', but unlike on Facebook which goes out of its way to Tell you you are blocked/banned from commenting/posting/liking/sharing... for X days or months, Google+ just sends you an email. #started to notice that comments calculated to get a reaction so I could debate the people, never got replies. Recently, deliberately started to 'troll' my favorite topics such as Holocaust Denial, to see if I get replies and I get none. Fuckers.
  • Ascendaeus reply Can't Fucking Join without a Goddamn Cell-Phone. Don't Punish me for Being Smart!!!
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