Im taking a break.

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  • SpeedRave reply Its pretty bad that the VidMe Staff shifted it´s Karma about that "Drama". Because of that, really awesome,fun-loving and passionate Vidizens quitting this site and its community having trouble to balance. I´m getting also this "The Rich, gets richer" feel over here on this part because its problematic to see that smaller channels like you and me, having trouble to get noticed at all. I mean, we dont have much quality, like the verified ones who are more experienced and have a better sight on their schedule or more time but we have fun doing Videos like them and want to improve. You see, like you,I saw alot smaller creators who are really neat people with nice personality and care in their work and they are doing really nice Videos but its just a shame that they got buried under people who have a higher boost to get seen ,cause of the Verification Advantage. Verified Vidizens are pretty good and I like to watch them but also I really do care alot about the Underdogs here cause they ...morewant to have people who got their back, help them to improve on their videos or for new Ideas to create, analyzing mistakes that they dont see to fix it next time and MOST IMPORTANTLY: having somebody, who they can switch words to, if its on something they like or on the content they are making or else,you know,like finding friends and being a part of the community. I know its hard work and you need to grind to success but here are creators who are still getting less or mostly nothing and having loads of entertaining videos. Also,Yep you are right! I´m gonna 100%ly comment on this Video cause I care, you are doing your work solid and you want to improve like everybody else, I like that :D Its also alright, If you want to take a break. Too much weird stuff happened at once on VidMe, its not good for our minds. Kinda staying in the shadows too for a while. Well, I just hope this situation right now takes a turn soon.
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